About Us

Latina Fatale provides a view of the world through the eyes of progressive Latina feminists (and their allies), a perspective often silenced in the mainstream feminist discourse. We’ve grown tired of seeing Latina feminist role models being marginalized or made invisible in society. We provide an alternative perspective to the ditzy, submissive Latina prototype that is portrayed in the mainstream media. We break rules and make machistas tremble.

Latina Fatale provides an open forum of thought and debate for feminists of any age, race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. We aim to bring awareness to issues related to feminism as well as topics pertinent to the Latina/o community. Latina Fatale strives to embrace diversity and inclusion, and we welcome males and non-Latinas into our community with open arms. We also promise to try not to bite the occasional right wing nut job who might happen to come around.

If you would like to be a frequent contributor or write an occasional guest post for Latina Fatale, please send an email of interest to mslatinafatale(at)yahoo(dot)com. At this time, contributors are only accepted on a volunteer basis, but one day soon we will accept paid contributors as well.

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