Stop the Hate: Take Jon and Ken Off the Air

by Latina Fatale on 02/28/2012 · 0 comments

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Back in October, we spoke out against hate speech and joined a petition to take Jon and Ken of KFI AM640 radio off the air. Advocacy organizations began to work tirelessly to convince advertisers to pull their ads from the Jon and Ken show. Jon and Ken have been spewing their vitriol for years across Southern California airwaves, but now it’s time for communities of color to say that enough is enough.

The Jon and Ken show has always bothered me. Every time that I have turned it on, I have listened to them talking trash about blacks or latinos, and most especially undocumented immigrants. I once even started a little game to count how many times that I randomly turned the channel on that they would be talking negatively about blacks or latinos. Literally every single time that I turned it on I was assaulted with racial stereotypes and racist comments.

Apparently Jon and Ken recently were suspended for a couple of weeks for calling Whitney Houston a crack ho on air after her death. I was shocked at the sudden suspension of the two shock jocks, but then I felt dismayed when it seemed that they were still on the air being interviewed. Jon and Ken recently came back on the air.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition is urging that the general public keep up the pressure for the channel to permanently take Jon and Ken off the air. One way that you can advocate is by texting DROPHATE to 877877. You can find more information about the Jon and Ken show and the campaign to take them off the air here:

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