Tips for Traveling to Latin America on a Budget

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The new Michael Buble Christmas soundtrack has been released!  Yes, it’s shockingly early, but who cares?  Deck the halls, folks, because the best holiday is coming in hot!  As silly as it sounds, people are starting to think about doing some premature Christmas shopping. Early birds avoid chaos at malls during late November and December.

The question becomes, what do you buy your loved one this time around?  After years of wrapping clothes, jewelry, tools, sports gear, and possibly the house pet for each other, you start running out of ideas.  Well, why not try something a little different and treat yourselves to a vacation?  This is an awesome gift you both can enjoy together.

Choosing an Exotic Destination
If you are adventurous and active, but working on a tight budget, think about a summer vacation in Latin America.  Consider a trip to Peru, where you both can explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu.

No, it’s not a Pokémon.  Machu Picchu is an incredibly well preserved, awe-inspiring 15th century Inca estate.  Located 2,430 meters above sea level and about 80 kilometers northwest of Cusco, Peru, Machu Picchu offers tourist a peek into the indigenous empire that was built thousands of years ago.  This historical landmark, known as “The Lost City of the Incas,” was constructed in the classical Inca style, with dry-stone walls.  Tourists can meander through what archeologists have determined to be three distinct districts: the Popular (or Residential) District, the Sacred District, and the Districts of the Priests and Nobility.

Visitors can also enjoy the picturesque views of the Andes Mountains, which beautifully surround the site.  Be sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes, and don’t forget to bring a quality camera.  You and your partner are guaranteed some fantastic shots.  Maybe even next year’s Christmas card photo!  It will probably be a picture of you, your partner, and one of the funny-looking llamas that inhabit the grassy hilltops.

While you can certainly find hotels in Machu Picchu, you might consider staying in Cusco, which is a short distance from the landmark.  From Cusco, you can take a short train to Aguas Calientes, a small town neighboring Machu Picchu.  If you stay the night in Aguas Calientes, you can then take a 90 minutes bus (about 8 US dollars) up to Macchu Picchu in the morning.  Hotels in Cusco and Aguas Calientes will be more affordable than staying in Machu Picchu.

How to Save a Buck or Two
Right now you can get a special rate on great hotels at  You can stay at the Terra Andina Hotel in Cusco, highly rated for both is amenities and service, for just 85 dollars a night.  That’s 35% off the regular price.  At Terra Andina you get free wireless Internet and a complimentary breakfast buffet.  This Cusco hotel is a short walk to the city center and as afore mentioned a short distance from Machu Picchu.  Look for a promo code for Travelocity at and start planning your adventure!  No need for ribbons and boxes this year; all you need to do is pick a date and start booking online.  Friendly tip: choose a week sometime between May and September. It’s the dry season, and though this means bigger crowds, it also means fabulous weather.  It’s worth it!

Erin Prickett is an experienced traveler and history enthusiast. She recommends finding a promo code for Travelocity to save on your Latin America Adventure.

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