Doesn’t Anyone Get Worthwhile Evaluations Anymore?

by Latina Fatale on 06/17/2011 · 2 comments

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Today I held meetings with six of my employees today to discuss their yearly evaluation. Tonight I’ve finally had the time to sit down and think about their bizarre reactions about the whole process. I’ve been reflecting on whether their shock about the evaluation process could possibly have to do with their lack of having ever received constructive feedback from a boss. And if that’s the case then we are in some bad shape.

A week ago I sent them an email and told them to be prepared to discuss the following three questions in our evaluation meeting:

  • What is one thing that you have improved or gotten better at this year?
  • What is one thing that you think that you still need to improve?
  • What are three goals (personal or professional) that you would like to set for yourself for next year?

My evaluations were due on May 28, and over the past couple of weeks I was out of the office and the deadline for yearly deadlines has already passed. It briefly crossed my mind that I could just blow off the process and just quickly fill out the forms, but I really wanted to take the time to fill out the forms and add an extra page of feedback and recommendations.

I used to hate when my bosses used to blow off evaluations and I didn’t want to do the same. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed and am trying to get caught up after being out of the office for weeks and I really didn’t have the time to spare. But I forced myself to write a constructive evaluation and to devote an appropriate amount of time to the evaluation meetings with employees. I kept reminding myself that if I invest the time, that it will make my work easier and will improve the organization.

Every employee except my secretary looked at me as I were a complete psychopath throughout the entire meeting. They seemed traumatized, actually. A few of them almost fell out of their chair that I suggested that they possibly weren’t pushing themselves to their potential if they couldn’t think of one concrete example of something that they still need to improve upon. And they all huddled into the back room to discuss the fact that I gave them an assignment to read five chapters of a book about customer service that we will be discussing in two weeks.

I mentioned this to one of my good friends as he was sitting in my office today and he stated, “Why waste your time? They don’t give a crap about what you have to say. They just want you to give them the paper, sign it and get out of there”.

I was a little confused throughout the day, and based on their reactions I was starting to doubt whether or not I was going a bit overboard. It sure didn’t help that my boss called and asked me what the hell was taking me so long to finish my evaluations. So I doubted and questioned myself.

Yet all throughout the day I imagined that I felt an interesting vibe of excitement, happiness and camaraderie throughout the office. And tonight I’ve been reading my emails about their three goals that they sent me after our meeting, and it makes me feel happy that they are setting goals that they want to learn x, y, and z so that they can be promoted or be an asset to the organization.

If this process has made at least one person really want to reach for the stars and better herself  in some way, then all of the bizarre stares from today seem to really be worth it.

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Ally June 17, 2011 at 10:49 pm

The evalutions that I get from where I work are like 10 pages long. I believe I entered in a little paragraph for each item. I was also listed several improvement in training. I suppose if someone asks me about my goals, idea, desires I really want to be heard.

I enjoy being evaluated!


Mike P. June 20, 2011 at 5:56 pm

I tend to agree with Ally. For years, we got non-sense reviews, and it was pretty annoying. I dislike our reviews slightly because we have to describe our jobs, but on the other hand, I can skew the review slightly if I want to by ignoring things I probably should do, but don’t.

A long, long time ago, I got a review that listed lots of things I didn’t do that my boss should have actually done, but didn’t. I still work here; she’s long gone (terminated or moved to non-permanent funding that ended – I forget which)

On customer service: oh my. As one of the people that has to act on the tickets generated, I so wish they would collect the required information from the callers. If they email, then get the information. Don’t just forward a ticket and expect me to collect it. More often that not, I can do a properly filled out ticket in a minute or two. Don’t collect all the information, and it takes five minutes or more. Do the math… why am I bitching to you about this, anyhow :-) ?


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