Iphone or No Iphone…That is the Question

by Latina Fatale on 01/30/2011 · 2 comments

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The biggest dilemma that I have in my life is whether or not I should buy an iphone. Well, besides my other dilemma lately that my libido seems to be raging out of control with each day that I age, but that’s beside the point. Last weekend, my new dog chewed all over my blackberry and ate the top part of it. It’s still pretty functional, but it looks super ghetto. At least it survived a little better than my friend’s blackberry, which she ate half of. As I sit here thinking about this dilemma all morning, I feel really grateful that this is the biggest dilemma that I have to think about at the moment because other people aren’t so lucky.

Apparently the iphone is coming to Verizon on February 10th, and existing customers can begin to order it on a first come, first serve basis. This morning I was going to go to the Verizon store and buy a new phone, but when I called and heard about the iphone I thought that perhaps I should ask around and take a little time to figure out if I should get an iphone or another model.

I know people who have iphones and love their iphones, but then I also see people on twitter complaining about them. Some of my friends who have iphones seem to have a lot of dropped calls. One of my friends told me that she can’t touch the iphone in a certain place on the side of it or it will lose reception. I’m not sure if the reception issue is due to ATT, or if it’s from the iphone. I have had Verizon for years and I never have dropped calls, but I once had ATT and discontinued my service due to the connection issues.

Another factor is that one of my friends told me that she has to pay $160 for her data plan, and I’m not sure if that’s the going rate or if she is loading it up with apps. I only pay $99 a month for my blackberry and I have unlimited everything. I know that a sixty dollar difference isn’t such a big deal, but it is when I am not really sure if I want it.

I’m not sure why I want an iphone. I am pretty satisfied with the blackberry. Maybe I just want an iphone because I am an apple fan. Maybe an added benefit would be that I can have a phone also serve as an ipod, although I can also add music to my blackberry so what’s the difference, really.

Do you have an iphone? What are the benefits of having one over the other models of telephones? (I’m not really one of those people who will buy tons of apps, so that part isn’t very convincing to me). Do you have reception issues? What are your thoughts?

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Mike P. February 15, 2011 at 12:43 am

I have an iPhone and like it quite a bit. A 3gs. The antenna issue is real and will probably occur on the Verizon model. So, don’t hold it that way. The Verizon model is reportedly better at not dropping calls. Part of this has to do with the different type of network (I forget the acronyms for the two types of wireless, but it doesn’t matter). Verizon will not do data and voice at the same time. The type of wireless used on the AT&T phone is more common outside of the US. AT&T is reportedly very good about enabling a temporary international plan if you forget at the start of your trip. Without such a plan, you will pay huge rates internationally. The Verizon phone network is used in some foreign countries, but not nearly as many as AT&T. Google Androids are nice, too. If you like Macs, then I would buy an iPhone. If you don’t you might even consider a Windows 7 type of phone. They are supposed to be more phone oriented and less “App” oriented. Are you the sort of person that would play a game on a phone or not?

Verizon customer service isn’t, while AT&T reportedly is. My iPhone is through work, so I don’t need to contact AT&T customer service. My limited contact with Verizon (my personal phone is Verizon) has been limited, but I understand they just dropped the “New every two” discount. I’ll probably just switch companies when I need a new phone. They charge us for number portability; I might as well get use out of it!

Don’t get an iPhone if you plan on feeding it to your dog. There is a lot of glass in them :-)


Latina Fatale February 16, 2011 at 6:41 am

I ended up getting the iphone. I am frustrated at times but I like it. They supposedly fixed the antennae issue on the verizon models. I just don’t like the keyboard so much.


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