Is Kanye’s Video Artistic Creativity? Or Misogyny?

by Latina Fatale on 01/11/2011 · 2 comments

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Today I saw online that someone had blogged about a trailer that was leaked for Kanye’s new song, Monster. I was a tad bit perturbed about it. Someone else had started a petition to prevent the video from being released. I’m pretty much conflicted about censorship, and I personally didn’t sign it because I feel that I suppose Kanye can make whatever video that he wants and I don’t really have to buy it.

Here was the leaked trailer:

There’s something that really bothers me and pisses me off about it. Maybe it’s just because I don’t like Kanye’s stupid ass, but I also was a bit bothered by pictures of dead women hanging from a ceiling, off a chair, on a table and in the bed.

For the past two days people on twitter and facebook have been screaming from the mountain tops about how Sarah Palin’s actions to put the congresswoman (who was just shot) in crosshairs were irresponsible. I mentioned this on twitter, and someone commented that people take Sarah Palin seriously and she must know that her actions have consequences. The question I pose is: Will pictures of dead and objectified women being flashed across the screen also have future consequences?

I barely watched this video, but I’m pretty disgusted also with the imagery in this behind the scenes video, where a woman was laying on the table while Rick Ross was sitting with a plate of meat in front of him. I’m definitely no prude, but the imagery certainly suggests that women are nothing more than a piece of meat. Here is the behind-the-scenes video:

Someone sent me the actual video on twitter, proclaiming it as a work of art. I just recently watched the video, hoping that perhaps a full view of the video would give me a different perspective. Apparently it appears that it is about vampires, or monsters, or….whatever. I don’t give a fuck. I hate it. But maybe I’m just predisposed to not be able to stand Kanye’s whiny, selfish, childish, immature, crybaby ass:

I can’t help it. I hate it. And there is something that really bothers me that so many of the dead people are women. And I can’t put my finger on what bothers me about the fact that many of the dead women are white women. I can’t stand him so much that I don’t want to bother psychoanalyzing racial imagery.

What do you think? Perhaps I am over-reacting because I just don’t like Kanye? What are your thoughts on the video?

Right now I’m pissed at myself that I am giving the media whore exactly what he wants-free and controversial publicity.

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Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth January 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm

Agree w/you that we need to be careful not to draw more eyes to shock schlock as that’s what’s perpetuating the money machine behind it. I’ve got some ideas on this using the Socratic “do no harm” philosophy that paints with a much wider industry brush, FAR beyond Kanye/individual artists and extending into accountability at the major record label/media machine level of pocketbook whackin’…stay tuned.


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