Male and Female Platonic Relationships

by Latina Fatale on 12/10/2010 · 0 comments

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A dear friend in a really authentic way just told me that he will always be there for me when I hit rock bottom. That I can always count on him when I am stirring with cabin fever and want to talk about Malcom X. And that lately he has started to believe more in me than he does religion. This is all so significant in a deeply inexplicable way.

It reminds me of a platonic relationship that I had throughout high school and college with a young man by the name of Enrique. The same dear and loyal friend was there when I met my first “love” at the age of fourteen, later also being there with me fourteen years ago when I met my current boyfriend. That rock-solid friendship that was so suddenly destroyed by a woman that he admitted he didn’t even really love at all.

But this time the inexplicable way I feel is so much more spiritual and deeply connected. Sudden thoughts of a nagging feeling of a repeat offense plague me. I suddenly realize that even I have been brainwashed and socialized by society’s norm that this is somehow wrong.

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