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by Latina Fatale on 12/05/2010 · 4 comments

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When I was in college and studying literature, I was always frustrated that male authors tended to dominate. Tsk, tsk, it’s no surprise, you are probably thinking, because the literary canon is representative of the larger sociopolitical context of patriarchy. It still doesn’t make it any less frustrating though.

Every time that I read a female author in class it was a delight, and I always craved more. But then it got to the point that I noticed that there were very few authors of color in general, and with the exception of possibly Gabriel Garcia Márquez and Isabel Allende there were very few Latina/o authors who were ever mentioned. I bet most people can’t name many Latina/o authors. And I bet most people can name even fewer Latina authors.

It’s no secret that it’s often harder for women to be published than it is for men. We’ve all heard the stories of women using male pseudonyms in order to be published. And it’s even harder for people of color to be published, and even more difficult for women of color to be published. And progressive or leftist women of color sometimes hardly even have a chance.

I originally started this blog as a space to discuss issues from a progressive and feminist Latina perspective. Many Latinas out there in the online world tend to be somewhat conservative, and I wanted to create a space where I was free to discuss sexuality, politics, feminism and progressive issues from a Latina lens. However, every time that I meet a fellow progressive or sex-positive Latina on twitter, my heart skips a little beat and I feel a sense of relief that I am not the lone Latina feminist out there online.

I’m growing tired of seeing Latina women being either hypersexualized or oppressed every time on turn on the television, look online or in magazines. We are either hypersexualized into the sexy, hot Latina with breasts hanging out or we are portrayed as good little girls who get married and stay barefoot and pregnant.

Lately I have been feeling the need to create a community, an online space that is not just representative of my thoughts, but also inclusive of others. I want to open the blog up to other writers and create an online space that provides a forum for Latinas (mainly progressive and/or sex positive, strong women) to write, think, create, and share their thoughts with other people. Maybe, just maybe some Latinas entering college will find the blog and won’t feel so alone out there in the world.

So my idea is this: I would like to also invite you to become a contributor to this blog at least on a monthly basis, or more if your schedule permits. I would like to feature a contributors page with a short bio of you-you can use your real name or a pen name. You can write about whatever you want, well, unless you are a Sarah Palin lover or want to let people know that they will burn in hell if they have premarital sex-in that case you might not want to blog here. You can be a female. You can be a male. You can be Latina. Or not. You can not be Latina and in a mixed relationship, or have bi-cultural children. I want to be inclusive, and if you would like to join the blog and write about Latina/o issues even though you personally aren’t Latina/o then you most certainly are welcome to do so. Or hell, you can even write about non-Latina/o issues if you want to.

You don’t need to be a professional writer. If you have a blog, we will most certainly link to it if you would like.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here with your email (that I won’t publish) and I will get back with you. At this point, we are taking people who can commit to joining us on a volunteer basis, but one day I definitely would like to expand it into paid contributors as soon as the blog grows.

Please join us! So far there are three of us (two Latinas and one non-Latina) and we would love to have more join us! Stay tuned for additional information!

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Michelle December 5, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Hello, my friend on twitter (goes by polkadotjunkie) and facebook (goes by Faute de Mieux) informed me about this. I would love to contribute on here.



Sonja Bricker May 19, 2011 at 4:59 am

Hi —
I just came across your website when I was searching for books similar to “The Awakening.” You see, I was in the library today asking the librarians for suggestions of fiction books with strong, independent woman who are not dealing with alcoholic or abusive parents/husbands and well, they were at a loss. Barbara Kingsolver was mentioned (who I can’t stand) and some sci-fi and well, I just decided to go out searching on my own. And voila, you appeared. I’d love to be a part of your book club as well as write short clips and anything else. I live on Whidbey Island, which is in Washington state, not far from Seattle. It’s extremely rural and ‘woowoo’ (=new agey) and I live here because this is where my husband is from. I commute to the Seattle area everyday to work as a high school Spanish teacher and I would love to chat/comment in Spanish as well if that is a possibility.
Thanks for creating such an honest and passionate blog.
Sincerely, Sonja Bricker


Sophia Clark September 1, 2011 at 1:47 pm

I just found your blog today and I cannot stop reading it. I would love to contribute. Is there a niche you’re still trying to fill? Let me know. I dabble in…. alot ;)


Sophia Clark September 1, 2011 at 1:50 pm

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