I Hate My Neighbor

by Latina Fatale on 11/22/2010 · 4 comments

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A rooster.
My  neighbor is driving me crazy. Seriously. It all started about ten years ago when I would hear him losing his temper and yelling constantly at his wife. The yelling and the threatening used to make my skin crawl, and would trigger an anger in me that reminded me of living with an abusive parent.

At one point he disappeared for a year or so to go to prison or jail and when he came home, he had slightly mellowed out. Then the yelling and erratic behavior started again, only worse. There were a couple of times that I had to call the police because I suspected that he was beating his wife. His behavior escalated to the point where he eventually shot a bb gun at me, by accident, because he was loaded on drugs.

He eventually went away to prison or jail and we had another two quiet years in the neighborhood. When he came home the second time, I can hardly hear him yelling anymore because now his oldest son has taken his place by terrorizing the mother and daughter in the house. For the past two years, the father has remained relatively quiet and is holding down a job.

He’s just gotten more annoying in a different kind of way.

A while back their dog was barking literally all night long until three or four in the morning. I didn’t want to complain to them initially because I thought that it would pass in time. However, it eventually got to the point where the dog was barking outside my window for so many days that I began to have sleep deprivation and was literally going out of my mind.

I have a strong personality and know that the man has a strong personality, so I didn’t want to talk to him about the situation based on his past outbursts with one of my other neighbors that he had. It was also six in the morning when I had a meltdown over the situation and I didn’t want to wake anyone up. Instead I wrote a letter and placed it on the door, explaining that it had been almost two weeks of nonstop barking and that I was going to go to a hotel for the weekend so that I could get some sleep.

Apparently this letter sent him over the edge. I arrived at home to find intimidating letters on the door, telling me how insulted that he was that I didn’t talk to him about it face to face. I ignored the letters, and more letters continued to come. They contained thinly veiled threats of suing me over the fact that his wife has slipped on my property a couple of years ago and had to have knee surgery. I continued to ignore the letters and threats and he eventually stopped placing them on my door. The dog barking immediately stopped.

His letters contained what I perceived to be an undercover threat to my dogs, and I have long suspected that he might have retaliated against me since both of my dogs got sick in July and died within a month of another in October. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and I haven’t found any proof of foul play, but it’s something that I have been wondering a lot about.

This week we have a new situation. Friday morning I awoke to the annoying sounds of crowing roosters underneath my window at four in the morning. I almost lost my damn temper and wanted to go over to the house to confront him, but something in my gut told me not to. Instead I compiled the following letter:

Dear Dave,

This morning I woke up at four in the morning as a result of  a rooster crowing outside of my window. It appears that there are roosters in your back yard, which is against city code. Please resolve this situation in a promptly manner because I do not want my sleep disturbed every morning. Failure to resolve this situation in a timely manner will result in me filing a complaint with animal control.

I wanted to write “If I wanted to hear roosters, I would like in the country” but I decided not to. Then I decided that my whole letter sounds like something that I would write to an employee that I was documenting. So I didn’t place the letter on his door. I just called animal control and filed a complaint.

Animal control came on Friday, and who knows what happened. But that damn rooster woke me up early Saturday, Sunday and today. Animal control is closed again today, so apparently the rooster will be waking me up early again tomorrow.

All I know is that I am starting to have fantasies about crawling over the fence and shooting that damn rooster. But I don’t have a gun. And I really don’t want to break into the yard to have to kidnap the rooster. I most certainly don’t want to go over there and say something because I know that I won’t ask nicely and this will end in a disaster.

I know it’s not the roosters fault, but I am going crazy. If I have to call animal control every single day then I will do so. But what if animal control can’t do anything and I’m forced to listen to this damn rooster wake me up early every morning. I will be bound to kill that damn rooster then.

I hate my neighbor. What kind of asshole gets a rooster in the middle of a big city?

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Mike P. November 22, 2010 at 4:38 pm

We have roosters nearby. For some (nice) reason, I usually hear them in the early evening. And they are a few hundred yards (as in 1000′) away.


SJR November 22, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Dave sounds like a real asshole. At the point your at, I would look into filing suit for pain and suffering (lack of sleep etc) as well as calling the cops and animal control for each instance. You wouldn’t put up with him throwing a loud party every night, so why put up with dogs? There are noise ordinances for a reason – if the cops have to come out every night they’re not gonna like it, trust me.

If it’s any consolation to you, I hate my neighbor also. In fact, I have come to realize that no matter where I live there will always be at least one neighbor I hate. I have no idea why people have so little concern for others – who is their right mind allows their dogs to bark all night…? Irrational people, that’s who.

You’re dealing with an irrational person rationally – time to change strategy. Just my 2 centavos.


Latina Fatale November 29, 2010 at 7:55 am

Okay. The rooster finally disappeared. If another one returns, I’m going to have to kick Dave’s ass!


Michelle December 23, 2010 at 1:42 am

Why didn’t they get a Chicken? At least you can get food.


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