That Crazy Damn War

by Latina Fatale on 10/25/2010 · 1 comment

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I am from more or less a military family. My father was in the marines for a while and my stepfather did hard time in Vietnam. My brother has been to Iraq three or four times (who can remember anymore) and now will be going to Afghanistan soon.

My father spent time in Japan so was not directly affected by war, but I saw the devastating affect that the Vietnam war left on my stepfather who has until this day never been able to recover from. I hate the fourth of July every year because I see a grown man practically rolled up in a ball who has to take sedatives for more than a week in order to deal with the firework sounds. Fighting in Iraq converted my brother into a sweet and loving man into a crazy monster who I just may unfortunately never speak to again for the rest of my life, possibly.

I often wonder how many people have been touched by war because I can’t quite understand why there is no large scale outcry against the interminable ways that we will always be fighting. Sometimes I wish that there was a draft because then you can bet your ass that people would be demanding an end to the war.

Today I found a song that was written by the singer Pink’s father when he was in Vietnam, and she and her father sang it together. It’s beyond me how people can’t see how much pain still exists in people as a cause of war:

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