Obituary: The Death of A Latina Radical

by Latina Fatale on 10/23/2010 · 2 comments

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The political radicalism of a certain Latina university professor (Profesora Equis) who lives and resides somewhere in California was formally put to rest this last Monday. Her radicalism existed for 66 years, surviving multiple attacks over the years but finally being laid to rest when selling out to certain conservative blue dog democrats on Monday.

In college her radicalism was at it’s infancy when she joined La Raza Unida party, kicked Chicano males’ ass over their sexism within the Chicano civil rights movement, and formed coalitions with other organizations such as the Black Panthers and Students for a Democratic Society (until the SDS “started blowing shit up”, as she likes to say). After graduating from college she accepted a job as a high school teacher in a continuation high school in order to work with students who no one else wanted to work with. She was eventually fired from her job after being reprimanded for first wearing pants (instead of a skirt) to work and also taking her class on a march with Cesar Chavez. After being fired, she tried to serve in the peace corps but was eventually denied entry after the FBI visited many of her friends, family, and co-workers.

Profesora Equis eventually decided to get her doctorate. While studying for her PhD, she studied with a prominent bad ass radical who had once been harassed for union activities during the McCarthy era of persecution. During her long career as a university professor of 38 years, Profesora Equis has constantly criticized status quo thinking and practice within her field, and has successfully counteracted attacks designed to silence her academic freedom and deny the publishing of her writing.

The political radicalism of Profesora Equis began to take a decline when she started dating a Democratic congressperson’s chief of staff approximately a year ago. As opposed to her usual practice of empowering and organizing her students and the community, she instead began to spend a tremendous amount of time at political fundraisers (for a congressperson who has supported the war, which probably caused her anti-war 1960′s self to roll over in its grave), task force meetings, and other political events.

Her radicalism finally died on Monday when being sent to Washington D.C. by the local congressperson to do his bidding (while she also paid her own way) for policy that she had previously criticized over the past 38 years.

Profesora Equis is survived by a 22 year old politically radical daughter, and a handful of friends and radical students who she has mentored over the years, including yours truly. May the phrase that she coined to describe herself and her female mentorees, “C Squared” (Más Chingona que la Fregada), rest in peace.

We will sadly miss you, Mujer.

**I am completely aware that I have gone over the top and realize that I will be taking Profesora to dinner at her favorite sushi restaurant tonight to make up for this stunt.

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Profesora October 23, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Trust me when I say there will be pay back! Pick me up tonight at 7.


Cinthya July 26, 2011 at 11:59 pm



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