How to Hate Latinos And Get Away With It

by Latina Fatale on 10/18/2010 · 1 comment

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Today Politico reported that Sharron Angle claims that she’s “not sure” that the “illegal aliens” that she flashed across the screen in her political ad were in fact Latinos. When asked by a student about the negative portrayal of Latinos in the ad, Sharron Angle stated:

I think that you’re misinterpreting those commercials. I’m not sure that those are Latinos in that commercial. What it is, is a fence and there are people coming across that fence.

Save it, Sharron. People of color are already used to the played out argument that we are being oversensitive or are misinterpreting what is none other than a blatant attack on our people.

Last week I blogged about the ad and included a link to the video, but it’s no surprise to me that *poof* the ad has been suddenly taken down off of youtube. I found a similar ad, although it doesn’t have all the same pictures as the first ad which included the white kids graduating while flashing to the screenshots of the Mexicans. Here is the second ad:

I’m getting so sick of these racists spewing their hate and then *poof* making the proof disappear as soon as they flashed it in the mind of hundreds of thousands of people on television. She tried to justify the ad as being an issue about “border security” and mentioned that the Canadian border is at most risk of being crossed by terrorists. I’d like to see that part of the Canadian border that has a bunch of Mexicans crawling through a fence.

If the ad is about border security rather than Mexican immigrants, then why does the very same ad immediately flash to a Latino construction worker while discussing social security, tax breaks to “illegals” and other related issues? Oh, I forgot…those damn terrorists coming across the Canadian border are hiding in construction worker terrorist cells while sucking up and depleting all of the social security benefits.

Check out a recording of Sharron Angle’s explanation to the student here. And while you’re at it, check out David Vitter’s ad that has the same imagery as Sharron Angle’s ad. So, which marketing agency are both of them using?

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Ahsan Daredia April 16, 2011 at 6:05 am

I came across this blog while I was “stumbling” upon the web and I must say, I’m very impressed and moved by the topics here! This is the first article I clicked on because I’m a first-generation immigrant in this country from Pakistan and just recently got my citizenship. I don’t have a problem with any specific political party in the United States, but you are blind if you think the Tea Party doesn’t endorse racism. Nation’s highest unemployment and fear amongst outsourcing jobs? Maybe if these states raised their education standards a little, they wouldn’t be competing with the little genius math whiz from India or China. Every year, high schools in America are getting less and less competitive. Oh, your little kid didn’t pass the TAKS. No problem, let’s just lower the passing grade and “push” him to pass. Give me a break. They complain when their jobs are “stolen” yet they don’t scream when they start cutting education budgets in states like Texas? Great article, I will definitely check this blog more often.

P.S: In order to receive social security benefits, don’t “illegals” need to have a social security number, which can only be obtained by at least having a permanent resident card? I’m scratching my head right now in confusion.



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