Does Your Husband Have a “Work Wife”??

by Latina Fatale on 10/18/2010 · 0 comments

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This morning my friend forwarded me a link to a question that had posed their readers. They asked:

We’re wondering… Does anyone’s husband have a “work wife”? (You know, a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom they have a very close but platonic relationship.) Are you jealous? Or do you “get it”? We want to interview you for an upcoming article.

My friend was entertained with the question (probably because she has tons of “work husbands”), but I honestly didn’t want to click on it and read it. I’ve seen questions online posed to married women about men having female friends and other similar topics, and more often than not it degenerates into a bitching session of some really insecure women. I expected so many of them to immediately turn to the topic of that “bitch” who hangs all over their innocent husbands at work. Bla bla bla.

This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I read many of the comments because some women knew that their husbands had a “work wife” and weren’t jealous at all about it. I was really delighted with some of the comments:

My husband has a few “work wives”. I get it. And they know he is all mine! They keep him in line and yell at him to make sure he takes a lunch break and such.

I tease him that he has a work wife. Since he’s a teacher, he works with mostly females and there are some that he works closely with. I’m not worried about it. I would rather he get along with the people he works with, whatever their gender, than not!

my husband has three work wives. Believe me I get it and they get me. They actually numbered us. I am wife one. We talk all the time about him.

I had a “work husband”. My husband was totally fine with it. He was work friends with this person before I was. I recently left this job to stay at home with my babies and jokingly we told each other maybe some day we will be work husband and work wife again. Although, since it was completely platonic we were more like brother and sister. So it can happen to the wives too. Not just the husbands.

My husband has a “work wife” lol…and I adore her! She is one of both of our best friends now, as is her fiancee, who also works with my husband. I have never been jealous of their “relationship”, I’m often thankful for it!

My husband & I have both had these relationships – they are extremely healthy – you have someone @ work you can trust & bounce things off of, vent to, and who can understand the ups & downs b/c they understand the job/company… Also good for your marriage b/c it makes it easier to “leave work @ work” – of course, your work spouse can’t be a secret from your spouse, and anything significant @ work still must be shared with your true significant other

And then of course the rest of the comments were things such as: “We are married and that’s a sacred thing, so my man shouldn’t even be looking at another woman let alone talking to one at work”; “All those beautiful women hang all over my husband at work and he’s so brainless that he doesn’t even realize it”, and all that fun stuff.

I could care less what my man does at work. I’ve got better things to do, like play with my work boyfriends.

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